Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Virgin Newbie and Dear Leader concept

This is my newest stencil, completed last night before I went out to a punk show to 'recuperate'. There is something intrinsically wrong about 'virgin' stencils, something akin to seeing a deadheading semi (for you non-truckers, a deadheading truck is one cruising along without a trailer.) Anyhow, here it is, complete with reference trace marks. I'll get motivated and present the final 'product', maybe tomorrow. I'll also reveal the source. I'm a shameful thief. Eh.

This puppy is a pretty happy camper. Usually ideas I have don't make it to the 'ready to trace' state. Most are stuck in a horrible limbo, sandwiched between photos of solfugids and Yangtze river dolphins, or something similar. I love you.

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