Sunday, January 4, 2009

Strong Medicine Stencils Kick Ass

It started back in college, when I wanted to stencil some trees that were facing imminent death. While that didn't work out (demolition folks evidently aren't susceptible to catchy appeals to quit their jobs) it was a start. After crafting my second stencil, "Live free or die" and spraying it all over my parent's house, I knew I was on to something.

Thus began my stencil career. Since then, it's been great for alleviating boredom and expressing myself.

Please note that, for me, doing stencils is a pure excercise in intellectual/ creative piracy. I'm not an artist, and as such i'm not capable of actually drawing cool images. Instead, I find existing images, modify or combine them together, and make a sort of collage. I think it looks awesome, and it's easy.

Hope you enjoy.

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