Friday, January 16, 2009

First in Show

Yeah! Me and my entourage (see
this video for details) put up a sobering helping of non-art in the Grotto this afternoon. It's pretty impressive, but keep in mind that the arrangement is the product of committee thinking, and therefore is hopelessly mired in its own self-importance. So, it's actually not that important. However, if you stare at a blank spot in the middle of all the pieces and move towards it, there is a hidden message, and that message might be important, if you're the kind of person who relishes knowing the exact method, time, and day of your shuffletude from yourn mortal coil. In related news, I heard that there is a strip club somewhere in the US of A where, in order for the business to stay in operation, the 'entertainers' must continuously quote Shakespeare to the limp, brainless 'guests'. I didn't make it up, but the person who told me may have.

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