Monday, January 5, 2009

Last of the single-color stencils

Stencils are: medicine. And if single-color stencils are headache pills, multi-color ones are a big shot in the butt. Besides depth, multicolor stencils have more personality, take more time, and require a bunch more effort (time=effort?) like effort in planning and time to actually render. Looking at the internets can quickly show you how ridiculously involved, or just how massively huge multicolor stencils can be. Some of the best i've seen are mural-type things put up by folks like logan hicks, peat wollaeger, pixnit, tiago denczuk, etc... How they do it, I don't know. Seriously, either the devil really gets around swapping souls for skillz, or many of our compatriots are highly advanced plastoid humanauts made of copper wiring and positronic brains.

I've been trying devote most of my stencil-making activities towards multicolor designs. Thus, these are probably some of the last single-color designs i'll do. They just can't hold a candle how awesome the other ones are. Fuzzy parts are where the stencil lifts up from whatever you're spraying. I'm working on it; work in progress.

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