Friday, January 16, 2009

First in Show

Yeah! Me and my entourage (see
this video for details) put up a sobering helping of non-art in the Grotto this afternoon. It's pretty impressive, but keep in mind that the arrangement is the product of committee thinking, and therefore is hopelessly mired in its own self-importance. So, it's actually not that important. However, if you stare at a blank spot in the middle of all the pieces and move towards it, there is a hidden message, and that message might be important, if you're the kind of person who relishes knowing the exact method, time, and day of your shuffletude from yourn mortal coil. In related news, I heard that there is a strip club somewhere in the US of A where, in order for the business to stay in operation, the 'entertainers' must continuously quote Shakespeare to the limp, brainless 'guests'. I didn't make it up, but the person who told me may have.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ready to transmit

Man, it is dog dingbat cold in the outside. It was so cold and windy, in fact, that I had to set up in bano mio with a respirator to make sure the air molecules didn't play havoc with my airborne paint molecules. And, as you may see, it yielded the succulent fruit of success. Note the clean, crisp lines. The lack of (much) 'fuzz', 'backscatter', or irrationality. This is pretty much as good as it gets. A plethora of COLOR! A feast for the senses. And all of it I give to you, my wide, wide adoring audience. I've even taken it a step further...

Allright! It's a GO! I'll be setting up a small corner of the Grotto's expansive wall tomorrow afternoon, as part of the United Mountain Defense Fundraiser. All proceeds will go towards ending Mountain Top Removal and TVA/ evil fossilcorp's reign(s) of terror. Prices TBA.

First Light

The colors are dominating powers looming for space, without enough rival powers to keep them in check. We'll see how it goes. I'm out of poster board, so these may be the final ones that I put up and perhaps put up in the grotto for UMD's fundraiser/ TVA sux wall this Friday (or today?)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Virgin Newbie and Dear Leader concept

This is my newest stencil, completed last night before I went out to a punk show to 'recuperate'. There is something intrinsically wrong about 'virgin' stencils, something akin to seeing a deadheading semi (for you non-truckers, a deadheading truck is one cruising along without a trailer.) Anyhow, here it is, complete with reference trace marks. I'll get motivated and present the final 'product', maybe tomorrow. I'll also reveal the source. I'm a shameful thief. Eh.

This puppy is a pretty happy camper. Usually ideas I have don't make it to the 'ready to trace' state. Most are stuck in a horrible limbo, sandwiched between photos of solfugids and Yangtze river dolphins, or something similar. I love you.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Let's have a party

This is how I party. The book there is what I'm using as a portfolio. Very professional. The respirator is just for show, as i'm hopelessly addicted to spray paint fumes. There really isn't much of a difference between the expensive stuff and the cheap-o, though the companies involved want you to think so. From time to time, you'll find a few dented cans of poppy-colored 'afghani special' in the back of the local hardware store (that's really good stuff) but beware- one dude I know got some imported especial from Iraq (he knew a guy in the service) and it ended up being some of Saddam's leftover mustard-colored sarin, used for spraying deadly graffiti on US troops.

Last of the single-color stencils

Stencils are: medicine. And if single-color stencils are headache pills, multi-color ones are a big shot in the butt. Besides depth, multicolor stencils have more personality, take more time, and require a bunch more effort (time=effort?) like effort in planning and time to actually render. Looking at the internets can quickly show you how ridiculously involved, or just how massively huge multicolor stencils can be. Some of the best i've seen are mural-type things put up by folks like logan hicks, peat wollaeger, pixnit, tiago denczuk, etc... How they do it, I don't know. Seriously, either the devil really gets around swapping souls for skillz, or many of our compatriots are highly advanced plastoid humanauts made of copper wiring and positronic brains.

I've been trying devote most of my stencil-making activities towards multicolor designs. Thus, these are probably some of the last single-color designs i'll do. They just can't hold a candle how awesome the other ones are. Fuzzy parts are where the stencil lifts up from whatever you're spraying. I'm working on it; work in progress.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mas y mas

Stencil Pics

This beaut is one of the first I ever made- and combines my love of Ska music, self-determination, and happy people.

Strong Medicine Stencils Kick Ass

It started back in college, when I wanted to stencil some trees that were facing imminent death. While that didn't work out (demolition folks evidently aren't susceptible to catchy appeals to quit their jobs) it was a start. After crafting my second stencil, "Live free or die" and spraying it all over my parent's house, I knew I was on to something.

Thus began my stencil career. Since then, it's been great for alleviating boredom and expressing myself.

Please note that, for me, doing stencils is a pure excercise in intellectual/ creative piracy. I'm not an artist, and as such i'm not capable of actually drawing cool images. Instead, I find existing images, modify or combine them together, and make a sort of collage. I think it looks awesome, and it's easy.

Hope you enjoy.