Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Art Show Announcement!

Hell! Awesome news! Looks like I'm going to be putting some of my non-art into a rock art show here in Knoxville. It's gonna be held at the Midtown Art Center on Friday, May 1st- part of Knoxville's 1st Friday whatnottery.

The building is located in Downtown North, kinda near Old Grey Cemetery (on Cooper St.).

According to the organizer:

"We're hoping for this to be an art and music event. I need a few more artists to show their work. We're seeking punk art: loud, colorful, provocative. If you or someone you know fits this description, send them my way.

Here are the details:

Depending on size, we're asking for 8-10 pieces per artist. This location has a security system. Your work should be fine. However, if something does happen to it (i.e. lost, stolen, damaged), we are not responsible. Show at your own risk."

Ha! Punk artists should be so lucky to have their artwork stolen...

You have to pay $10 and 25% goes to the gallery (or whatever), but hell! Still pretty sweet.

The folks putting the show on are looking for at least 7 more artists.

Interested? Contact Lee at carnivalights@gmail.com.

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